Monday, November 10, 2008

"Vanity Shoot" with Val

This is my first post on my "Vanity Shoot", this is termed by the Chua sisters (Quennie and Ivee) whom started everything..... they are actually my so called booking agents in manila hehehehe.... The idea of a "vanity shoot" is that, I will spend a whole of that person doing nothing but shooting... put it this way, an e-session without a guy!!!! We go from 1 location to the next and they bring variety of clothes that would fit on the location that we are in. In short, she will be a model for a day :).... Its not easy but I guess I just enjoy what I do; that it didn't matter how tired I will after the shoot... I loved doing this kind of shoots and will continue to be creative and be passionate about it.... :) ... for now here are some teaser pics for VAL.... enjoy...




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