Monday, December 21, 2009

PG and Menchie Wedding Teaser

Hi Everyone,

Last Sunday - 12.20.09, the wedding of PG and Menchie at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort- Malipano Island. Beach weddings are sooo nice to photograph and they are blessed with a super HOT weather :). I got a chance to shoot PG and Menchie before the church ceremony started; though it was very HOT and humid (1-2pm) I have to give PG and Menchie an A+++ for the effort :).
PG and Menchie, thanks for giving me the time that I needed to create my images!!!! :)... anyways, here's a few teaser images from their wedding. enjoy.. :)

Church/Reception - Pearl Farm Beach Resort-Malipano Island
Coordination/decors - Golden Touch by Noel Tanza
Make up artist - Otoi Mercado
Photo booth - Funkyfoto Party Booth

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Donnel and Noreen's Engagement Session Teaser

Hi Everyone,

I had a fun week here in Manila, a small but very intimate wedding of Nineil and Marjorie last thursday; the next day really early morning we drove all the way to La Union for the engagement session of Donnel and Noreen :). Here are a couple of images, enjoy :)

KUDOS to Donnel for being such a troop!! (you know what I'm talking about :) ). All of their friends know that Noreen loves to be photograph and loves the camera - Kudos to her for being so beautiful on the shoot :). Guys enjoy the photos and thanks for giving your full trust on me... :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nineil and Marjorie Wedding

Hi Everyone,

Here are a few images from Nineil and Marjorie last 12.10.09. Very intimate wedding something I rarely see especially in manila. :). To Nineil and Marjorie, congratulations and have a wonderful winter christmas honeymoon :).

Friday, December 04, 2009

ISPWP Fall 09 contest results

Hi everyone,

This year has been an image winning year for me, though this is the year that I started submitting images for competition :). I know that I still have a long way to go before reaching my goals in my photography career but in just 4 years of creating ARTWORKS for my clients I've managed to gather some winning images :). I still think that I have a lot of room for improvements in my craft; although the main reason why I started submitting images to competition such as ISPWP and SWPP ( WPPI not yet) is for me to know how my images ranked amongst the best in the industry; this in someway my own achievements as a professional wedding photographer.

anyways, ISPWP Fall'09 contest results are in and though I went down in ranked from 2 of sprint 09 contest to 9th overall for this quarter, I am still overwhelmed that I am in the Top 10 of the ISPWP contest, Im sure the next quarter will be more difficult to be apart of the Top 10 but will still try my best to be apart of it :). So here are my winning entries:

Category: Getting ready - 3rd Place

Category: First Dance - 7th Place

Category: Kids will be Kids - 19th Place

Category: Bridal Portrait - 10th Place

Category: Bride and Groom Portraits - 5th Place

Category: Bride and Groom Portraits - 2nd Place


Hi everyone,

Last month I signed up to be apart of SWPP - Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers which is based in the UK. This organization is very much similar to WPPI - Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (which I am also apart of ) but is based in the USA.

As a member of SWPP, you can enter in their monthly competition which will be judge every beginning of the succeeding month. Categories are not limited to weddings, from architecture, baby portraits to macro pretty much all the branches of photography but each member can only submit one image per category and as many categories; thus are graded/marked as follows:

Gold - Silver - Bronze - Unclassified

Gold: Awards will go forward to the annual judging and are deemed to be images of the highest standard and will be published in Professional Imagemaker

Silver: Above standard. These images will be reviewed every three months and have the potential of being reclassified as Gold.

Bronze: Acceptable competent image.

Unclassified: Below acceptable standard for a competition image.

last month -November, I submitted images just to see where my artwork stands from the views of different judges. Here are my images and corresponding scores:

Category: Landscape - GOLD

Category: Portrait Traditional - GOLD

Category: Wedding Traditional - GOLD

Category: Monochrome - GOLD

Category: Fashion - Silver

Category: Glamour and Beauty - Silver

Category: Portrait Contemporary - Silver

Category: Wedding Bridal Portraits - Silver

Category: Wedding Contemporary - Bronze

Category: Family - Bronze

Category: Wedding Photojournalism - Bronze

4 GOLDs, 4 Silvers and 3 bronzes- I am very happy with what I got, though 1 of my favorite image of the year from Neill and Cherrie Mae Wedding (the one with the reflection) got a bronze, I was really surprised, I thought I could get a higher score but oh well, different strokes for different folks!!! :)....

To all my clients that have been apart of the winning images, THANK YOU for trusting me fully to create lasting memories of your wedding day....

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Neil and Marjorie Teaser Pre-nup

Hi everyone,

These are just teaser images from our recent pre-nup/engagement photoshoot in Cebu. Though I've been to Cebu a couple of times for photoshoots, there still are more areas that city can offer in-terms of great locations.. I had a fun 2 days shooting Neil and Marjorie that will tie the knot next week Dec 10, 09.... cant wait for their wedding... In the meantime, please enjoy these images... :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lawrence and Valerie Wedding Part II- Church

Hi Everyone,

Apologized for not posting the part II yesterday, was editing an engagement shoot to be presented next week in manila... anyways, hope you will enjoy the photos that I took during their church ceremony... :)....

These are all raw images straight out of camera