Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hello everyone,

This post should have been posted in the first quarter of the year but I was so lazy to update my blog that I didn't bother posting it. :) .... but as I was trying to clean my hard drive and backing up all my files, I saw these pics and I just had to post it... These kids are so much fun to photograph and they have costumes to go along with the shoot!!! I was amazed at how good these little girls are when it comes to posing, I guess this is the effect of watching too much Hanna Montana hehehehe! So here are the photos... enjoy!!!!

I just loved shooting this little angel.... she's like a model that knows what she wants.  you'll see what I mean. :) 

At the end of every shoot, there's always that 1 image that will stood out from the bunch; and I think this is it. :) I just love every bit of it!!! Its a really simple pose nothing special but the way her expression is so innocent and pure that it will make you say "ohhhhh" hehehehe... Click on the image and you'll know what I'm trying to say.. :)

Then she takes her bow.... :)  

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