Sunday, April 12, 2009

Michael and Gayle E-session

Mike and Gayle

Hellow Friends,

Just got back from a very cool e-session in Singapore. Lots of walking, fun and images!!! :) was really amazed by Mike and Gayle for giving their all on this shoot, as I've said lots of walking!!!! :) But I've really noticed that both of them are very relaxed infront of the camera especially Mike, good on you mate!!!! LOL ... Though we were not blessed with a good weather, for the 4 days that we were there the sun only shines till 12nn and after pouring rain!!!! :( .... Mike and Gayle kudos to both of you for making the shoot easier despite the walking and the rain; the shoot normally start at 10am and we normally end at 1am :), it was an adventure to be remembered special the marina barrage shoot :)...

anyways, these are just teaser images for Mike and Gayle :) the rest will be showcase on their upcoming wedding... :) Enjoy the images :)