Monday, August 17, 2009

2nd Place Overall for 09 Summer Competition of ISPWP

hi everyone,

I just want to share the result of my first ever photo competition, though its not as huge and grand as the WPPI contest but ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) is also my first formal organization that I was apart of. They screen and select each applicant making sure that photographers that submit application qualifies the organizations standard. Visit their site

anyways, ISPWP conducts quarterly competition, members only exclusive :). So for the Summer 09 Contest, I joined the competition and it was my first ever photo competition locally or internationally. My main purpose of entering was, I wont know how my images will stand against the best photographers out there if I wont join. So this evening I got an email from them about the contest results and I was sooo happy that I belonged to the top 20 and it was even better that I ranked 2nd Place overall during this quarters competition!!!! WHew!!!! but kudos to the 1st placer Vinicius Matos of La Foto from Brazil who entered with great and solid images....

Ranking 2nd Place overall is more than what I expected, I just want to be able to place my images to the top 10 of some of the categories that I entered. Hopefully next quarter I'll be able to maintain my rank or even grab the Photographer of the Quarter hehehehhe but it doesn't hurt to dream :)..

Here are the categories and images that place in the top 10.

1st place - Kids will be Kids

4th place - Kids will be Kids

9th place - Family Love

5th place - Decisive moments

3rd place - Bride Portrait

5th place - Bride and Groom

2nd place - Engagement

6th place - Engagement

10th place - Venue

2nd place - Framing the subject

9th place - Movement and motion

10th place - All about light

5th place - Wedding details

3rd place - Wedding Dress

I couldn't done all the images that I took without the support of the couple that trusted me to immortalize their wedding day. Thank You all :)



Michael Eric said...

Your picture stands at par with international photographers, some are even better! Congratualtions Benj! Saw the other entries as wel as the competition gallery, pictures were fun fun fun! :)

Benjamin Young III said...


thank you :) ...

Mark said...

Congrats, Ben! Wonderful images. Your portraits are beautiful and dramatic.

Benjamin Young III said...


Thanks for the visit and the greet!!! :)... saw your blog and its already booked mark :)...


cdelbianco said...

I am truly amazed by your work. Speechless... Congratulations!

Benjamin Young III said...


thanks for the greet! :)