Monday, May 12, 2008

sidney and grace wedding

Helloww helloww,

Sidney and Grace's wedding, was soo much fun, even my videographer had fun :).... the couple are so relax and camera friendly... had a blast capturing every moment of your wedding day and see you soon.... :)
here's a quick sampler pics of sidney and grace's wedding...

I sooo love ring shots... if i could make a living just by shooting rings/jewelry here in the philippines, I would do it!! :)...
1. guess where is this shot at?



4. sidney - "the groom"

5. he can act, don't you think???


7. Isn't this a beauty??? very glamourous but natural!!!!

8. Grace is such a joy to shoot at...sooo easy made my day alot easier, which equals alot more shooting time and fun... :)...


10. here's 1 of my fav image after the ceremony.

11. here's a sample spread from the wedding album design.

check back again soon for more images of their wedding in a slideshow format.... cheers...

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