Monday, January 28, 2008

Allen and Tiffany Wedding 01.27.08

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend and witness the wedding of Allen and Tiffany as a guest/photographer :)... Though I was not commission to shoot their wedding since they already committed another photographer but I did their engagement pictorial in Davao city (will post their engagement pics soon). The photos below are pics that I took yesterday, couldn't stand not doing anything while holding a d300 and a 17-55mm lens in my hand. Enjoy the photos... :) ....

Church - San Agustin
Reception - Edsa Shangri-la

1. Sheree, bride's sister and maid of honor.

2. The Bride, no veil but it works; she looks sooo elegant, wish I had a shot of it during our session after the wedding. :)

3. The Groom; the suit is so different especially the tie...

4. One of the flower girls before the procession.... last minute touches....

5. Tiffany, very elegant!!!

6. The final walk... love the arc of this church...

7. again the arc... hehehehe

8. even though I'm not the hired photographer, I couldn't just sit and watch; I started prompting Allen and Tiff for the shot with a great back-drop of arching old walls.

9. Here I am again...hehehehe.... at least the shot look nice, natural and spontaneous.

10. At the reception, didn't really shoot that many pics during the reception, too busy enjoying the food...

11. While everyone is busy laughing and enjoying the game, I saw this cute but naughty boy with this gesture. :)

12. From here on, Allen and Tiff gave me the chance to do some creative portraits before their tea ceremony.

13. I love reflections and here's one....







20. This is one of my favorite shot in the group.







apple said...

great set sir ! :)

TheBoredBroad said...

You take beautiful beautiful pictures. Surely, a great start to your career in photography. Good luck!

Benjamin Young III said...

@apple and theboredbroad,

thanks for the compliments and visit.... glad you all liked it... :)

paul Borromeo said...

impressive work ben!